The remarkable accomplishments we have achieved together during my tenure as Mayor fill me with immense pride and gratitude. Our dedication, resilience, and collaborative spirit have paved the way for a brighter future for Renton. As we continue this journey, let us maintain our shared vision: a safe, thriving city, a community that uplifts one another, economic recovery, and an administration that steadfastly works towards achieving these goals. With your continued support and engagement, I am confident that we will overcome any challenges that lie ahead.


Despite the nationwide challenges in police hiring, Renton Police Department has made significant progress since 2021. We have successfully hired 20 new police officers, bringing them closer to achieving full staffing for the first time in over 20 years. Renton remains committed to transparency and community involvement by implementing initiatives such as a community council to advise on police procedures and sharing comprehensive police data and analytics on their website for public review. Incentive patrols are regularly deployed in high-impact areas to serve the community better. In addition, a new dedicated policing district will be established downtown with four officers focused on addressing issues and fostering relationships with residents, businesses, and visitors.


We have spearheaded numerous large-scale infrastructure projects, including 40 transportation-related initiatives outlined in the Capital Investment Plan. These efforts have enhanced neighborhood safety by implementing 45 traffic calming safety improvements, investments in sidewalks and wheelchair ramps, and the seismic retrofitting of the Bronson Way Bridge. Prioritizing pedestrian and bike safety, the city collaborated with the Council to develop a local road safety plan to reduce crashes and fatalities. Furthermore, Renton recently completed its most extensive public works utilities project downtown, stimulating local business development and job growth.

Supporting affordable housing and reversing homelessness trends:

Addressing the affordable housing crisis, the city has partnered with local developers and community organizations to expand affordable housing options in Renton. Encouraging progress has already been made with successful projects like Sunset Gardens, a mixed-use development with 76 affordable housing units created from the redevelopment of Renton Housing Authority’s offices. The City provided funding support and facilitated securing additional public financing. Additionally, Renton has over 8,000 housing units in the pipeline, and the implementation of an award-winning accessory dwelling unit program is set to provide expedited, cost-saving, and additional affordable housing options in the city. The commitment to reversing homelessness trends is also evident through providing 200 new beds for the unhoused population and increased services for transitional housing.


We have taken significant steps to ensure that all residents have a voice in their city government. Establishing one of the state’s first Equity Commissions in collaboration with residents highlights the city’s commitment to equity. The Department of Equity, Housing, and Human Services was also created to elevate and prioritize essential services. Furthermore, Renton has initiated discussions about a South King County consortium to develop a shared resource center to address the needs of the growing population experiencing behavioral health issues and homelessness. The city’s Emergency Management department has revised its inclusive emergency communication plan to improve engagement with the diverse community. Broadband access has also been expanded, providing residents with reliable internet access at neighborhood centers to mitigate socioeconomic barriers.


To maintain cleanliness across the city, Renton has established an internal citywide cleaning program that employs five dedicated employees to remove trash and graffiti. We expanded broadband access at our neighborhood centers, to reduce the socioeconomic barrier that lacking reliable internet access can pose. This year marks the grand opening of the Family First Community Center, which will bring essential services to the underserved Cascade/Benson Hill area. These efforts and many more aim to preserve Renton’s quality of life and ensure a welcoming environment for all residents.